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Stephan Martiniere
Stephan Martiniere has done concept and production art for films like Star Wars, Episodes II and III, I, Robot, Red Planet, Dragonheart and others.

He has also done concept design for theme parks and animation as well as doing book and magazine illustration. During his three year stint at CYAN he was visual design director for Uru “Ages Beyond Myst”.

His work is rich in detail and and sparkles with light and atmospheric effects. His science fiction illustration and space themed concept art carry delightful echoes of John Berkey’s classic illustrations, at once loose and intricate. Martiniere doesn’t shy away from tackling images of enormous scale, and he can pull it off with masterful control of atmospheric perspective and color range.

The galleries on his site contain illustration, production and concept art in pencil, marker, charcoal, paint and digital media (Photoshop). Images in the gallery can be viewed by theme (characters, environments, etc.) or by genre (feature films, theme parks, illustration etc.)

Individual images are often marked with a blinking dot, indicating a print is available, there is also a separate section of the Prints for Sale.

There are past articles about Martiniere archived on CGNetworks, Starlog, and Gamasutra.

Martiniere’s work has been featured in several Spectrum fantastic art, and Exposé digital art collections.

There is a book of Martiniere’s work called Quantum Dreams: The Art of Stephan Martiniere from Design Studio Press, (Amazon link).


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  1. One more for my “Favorites” list. Very cool, indeed. This is why I like to visit this blog – I can update my global art creators knowlodge.. You’ve been doing a great work on that subject =) Keep it going.
    Thanx and good luck.

  2. Glad you’re enjoying the posts, daniel. Thanks.

  3. Followed a thread from Stephan’s website here and was blown away by this amazing site! Very nice work Charlie! I think its going to take a few months to wade through all the stuff here…….hehe. Thanks.