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Belinda Del Pesco is a watercolorist from California who has a terrific blog, Belinda Del Pesco Fine Art, in which she not only posts her work, but describes her working methods along with images of the work in progress.

She has the kind of approach to watercolor that I admire: clear and fresh color built on a solid foundation of traditional draughtsmanship. She pays particular attention to contrasts of light and shadow and deals often with transparent and reflective objects, which I particularly enjoy.

The image shown above is from a post about building value in layers, which was preceded by related posts about watercolor glazing and watercolor washes. She also posted a preliminary painting of a similar composition.

Del Pesco often likes to work in monotype, prints made by painting or drawing on a non-absorbent surface (e.g. plexiglass) and transferring the unique image to paper, and monoprints, prints in traditional graphic media for which each impression is unique, (which she usually combines with watercolor). She has several instructive posts about various approaches to these processes, including this one about creating a soft-ground miniature etching with watercolor.

Here are several other informative posts about her working methods for various media: a monotype and watercolor, another monotype and watercolor, a woodcut and watercolor, a linocut, and a miniature monotype.

Del Pesco also has a web site where you can see a gallery of her work.


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  1. Charley, Thank you for the link back to this year-old article. Belinda Del Pesco is the finest watercolor artist I know, as well as the most generous with sharing her techniques and answering questions. As you said, her attention to contrasts of light and shadow are nothing short of astounding. What an eye (or 2) she has! She sees reflections and shadows that many of us might miss, which may be why she was chosen as one of only 13 Daily Painters Guild artists — and is she the only watercolorist invited?