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Larry Roibal’s 2009 Year in Review

Larry Roibal's 2009 Year in Review
Since I wrote about illustrator Larry Roibal last year, he has been continuing his wonderful practice of daily sketches of prominent figures.

Roibal draws his newsmakers on newsprint, literally. It’s common for artists to draw on “newsprint”, meaning the cheap pulp paper, similar to that on which newspapers are printed, that is used for quick sketches and throw-away drawings, but Roibal’s “newsprint” drawings take on a whole new meaning.

He sketches his portraits of politicians, world leaders, entertainers, sports figures and other newsworthy individuals directly on sections of newspaper articles about them.

Roibal’s ballpoint pen drawings are defined enough to give a sharp likeness of the individual, but open enough to let the newsprint come through.

Roibal has just assembled a remarkable collage of his drawings from the past year. My excerpt above is just a tiny fraction of the whole. You can also see a tabloid size excerpt here.

Of course, for the larger and more detailed drawings, take a meander back through his blog posts over the course of a fascinating year of news and personalities.


3 responses to “Larry Roibal’s 2009 Year in Review”

  1. Great! I love his work too and would like to thank you for this highlight again!

  2. I always look forward to Larry’s thoughtful portraits–lovely tribute to a real talent.

  3. Ian Welch Avatar

    I was very excited when I stumbled across Larry’s work on display at the excellent Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh last year- you can really appreciate his linework and precision when viewing them up-close.