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Paul Felix
Paul Felix is a visual development artist whose credits include Disney feature animation titles like Mulan, Brother Bear, The Little Mermaid, Lilo & Stitch, Tarzan and The Emperor’s New Groove.

Felix doesn’t maintain a website, so John Nevarez, himself a talented visual development and storyboard artist for animation, and an ardent admirer of Paul Felix’s work, has stepped in and created an Unofficial Paul Felix blog to bring him to the attention of art appreciators like us (grin).

Felix’s work is wonderful, full of springy linework, terrific draftsmanship and the vivid outpourings of a fertile imagination.

His command of line and tone in the representation not only of the layout and design of proposed scenes, but of their atmosphere and feeling, is brilliant.

Nevarez has been kind enough to post most of the images with larger versions, in which you can get an appreciation for Felix’s style and approach, his fluidity of line and subtle use of value; all in the service of images that are not meant to be final drawings, but merely guides for the design and composition of final animation drawings.

I’ve included some closer crops with the images above. The blog also features some of Felix’s superb color work.

Wonderful stuff.

[Suggestion via Zelda Devon, see my post on Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon.]


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  1. David Keen Avatar
    David Keen

    Absolutely love this. Thanks very much for bringing another wonderful artist to my attention Charley

    1. Glad you’re finding treasures in some of my older posts.