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Bill Mayer

Bill Mayer
Bill Mayer’s wonderfully energetic and delightfully loopy illustrations are flashes of pure visual hyperbole.

His intensely colorful and beautifully rendered animals, monsters and freaked-out people just about jump off the screen, eyes a-goggle and huge toothy grins as wide as their heads (if they have heads).

Mayer has a website with examples of his work in several categories, as well as extensive Flickr galleries, a presence on Drawger, a section on Behance Network, and a portfolio on the site of The Weber Group, his artist representatives.

You’ll have to go to the latter two for information about the artist and his clients, as his own site doesn’t have a bio or information page.

Mayer works in a variety of media and combinations of media, gouache, oil, airbrush, scratchboard, digital and I’m not sure what else.

He works for a variety of clients, including he United States Post Office, Coca Cola, DreamWorks, Blue Sky Studios, Cartoon Network, GameStop, Hasbro, Levi’s for Women, Jose Cuervo, Time Magazine, IBM, Delta Airlines, RJR Nabisco, Yupo Paper and Stueben Glass.

Mayer cites influences as diverse as Jack Davis, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, Monet, Picasso and Boterro in the formation of his style. He studied at the Ringling School of Art in Florida, and is currently based in Decatur, Georgia.

Mayer is a friend and collaborator of Goñi Montes, who I recently profiled.


2 responses to “Bill Mayer”

  1. Thanks for this post Charley! I’ve been an admirer of Bill Mayer’s work for years (since before his ‘crazy’ work!) and it’s nice to see some of his more recent pieces. He sets a high standard with his luminous colors and unhinged subject matter.

  2. As a longtime fan of The Rippingtons I have always loved Mr. Mayer’s “Jazz Cat” illustration and the way they reflected each album theme. I am so glad to have finally found more information and his portfolio and look forward to seeing his immense body of work. Many thanks!!