Chris Turnham (update)

Chris Turnham
The good new is that since I last wrote about Chris Turnham back in 2006 his website has been updated with more of his wonderfully graphic, superbly designed and beautifully colored illustrations.

The bad news is that, for reasons that continue to elude me, they are displayed in a “pop-up-and-close” style navigation from a scrolling list of thumbnails in a cramped little frame. This makes the process of looking through them less convenient than it might be.

Even his News and About pages are scrunched up in that little frame. Fortunately, Turnham now also has a blog, which is not hampered by that restriction. In the blog you will find additional art, including examples of his work as a concept and production artist.

Turnham has for several years been involved in a collaborative project with illustrator Kevin Dart called Fleet Street Scandal. Originally focused on a book showcasing their work, the project has expanded into limited edition prints, giclees and a line of apparel. You can also find Turnham’s limited edition prints at Gallery Nucleus.

Turnham currently works for Laika, the production company responsible for the wonderful Coraline animated feature film.

His work was featured prominently in the concept art reproductions of the magical garden and plants from the movie that were included in the remarkable Coraline Mystery Box that I received as part of Laika’s viral promotion campaign for the film.

You can see some of Turnham’s work on the film (image above, bottom) by searching for “Coraline” on his blog.
[Addendum: I just found out that Chris Turnham has a new TumbleLog with a section devoted to Coraline Production Art.]


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  1. … there we go…

    Like you said… great sense of color and design, slightly 60’s retro.
    I enjoyed this post and always like discovering the art and artists behind films (Coraline).

    Keep up the great work Charley.

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