Norman Rockwell Museum on Google Art Project

Norman Rockwell Museum on Google Art Project: Norman Rockwell, Howard Pyle, William Smedley,  Norman Rockwell, Charles Dana Gibson, Howard Pyle
Wow, am I ever enjoying the recently updated Google Art Project (as I reported recently).

Despite my own Time Sink Warning, I’ve been pulled back here way too often. I found this morning that among the cornucopia of art from the newly added museums is the Norman Rockwell Museum in Massachusetts.

The museum houses not only a broad collection of work from its namesake (which can be surprisingly diverse) but an excellent collection of work by other American illustrators. There is an article about the museum joining the project on New England Public Radio.

Though the number of pieces available on the GAP’s section for the museum is not extensive (presumably the number will grow), it’s a delight to be able to zoom in on classic illustrations like these. (Bear in mind that my screen captures have been greatly reduced in the images above, I’m just trying to give an idea of zooming scale.)

Now if only the Brandywine River Museum would follow suit.

(Artists above, with details: Norman Rockwell, Howard Pyle, William Smedley, Norman Rockwell, Charles Dana Gibson, Howard Pyle)


6 Replies to “Norman Rockwell Museum on Google Art Project”

  1. Great news!
    Two thumbs up from me on the Brandywine River Museum. BRM would definitely be right at the top of my wish list for adding to the Google Art Project. …Perhaps they could start with the NC Wyeth “Treasure Island” paintings and build from there. :-)

  2. Charley–Our Dayton Art Institute had a fabulous collection of Rockwell’s original art on exhibit in 2011. The man was a virtuoso in paint. I grew up admiring the stories in his pictures, but now I appreciate the artistry. Also, I don’t know how I’ve missed the Google Art Project, but I don’t have Chrome and wonder if that is available for PCs. Will have to look into that. Thanks for the great post.

  3. Thanks, Nita.

    Sorry if I gave the wrong impression about Chrome, it’s not necessary, it’s just that the navigation is likely to be a little more clunky in other browsers. Should work OK in whatever you have.

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