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Mathew Borrett

Matthew Borrett
Mathew Borrett is a Canadian illustrator and visual effects artist who works with architectural illustration and also creates wild and sometimes elaborate imagined structures, some underground, some in cityscapes.

His underground structures, with their maze-like and Escher influenced explorations of divided space, may have grown out of his more traditional architectural subjects, some of which feature cut-away sections.

The “Drawings” section of his website portfolio has selections from the “Room Series”, done with Pigma Micron ink marker pens, as well as pencil drawings and other ink drawings. The “Illustrations” section has some of his more traditional illustration work.

Borrett also maintains a blog, in which you can find preliminary sketches and works in progress. There is also a selection of his images on the Fine Art America site, where they are available as prints.

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2 responses to “Mathew Borrett”

  1. Very nice, very nice indeed. Thanks for the blog post Charlie… sending this link home for another look after the day job, family time, and personal painting time. I’ll end my day imagining myself getting some blissful sleep on a comfortable bed in a quiet pen and ink crack in the ground.

    Cheers and thanks,


  2. Awesome style. The one of the city in full color reminds me of the color palette used in the movie ‘Heavy metal’. I adore this mystical effect. Just great work all around