Sunday, November 25, 2012

4 thoughts on “Eye Candy for Today: Ilya Repin’s Sadko

  1. James Gurney

    Sadko gives such an intriguing glimpse of what Repin might have accomplished had he further pursued fantasy and mythology. But his times weren’t conducive, nor were critics like Stasov, who discouraged such dream images. We can be grateful for all the great realist works Repin produced after Sadko, but I always wonder what would have issued from his brush had he headed farther down this path.

  2. Sherrill

    What a jewel! I literally gasped when this came up on my screen! Sadly, this is the first I have heard of Repin, but I am going to check your previous post now and keep an eye out for more of his work! Thank you so much for “introducing” me to him!

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