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Landscape alphabet, L.E.M. Jones

Landscape alphabet, L.E.M. Jones, printed by Charles Joseph Hullmandel
This wonderful alphabet, composed of landscape images, was created in the early 19th century. If I understand correctly, it was designed and drawn by an artist named L.E.M. Jones, and then printed by Charles Joseph Hullmandel, who may have made the lithographic drawings from which the prints were pulled.

Full set is in the British Museum.

I particularly love the dimensional effect of the atmospheric perspective in the “B”, and the intertwining forms of the “N”.

[Via BoingBoing and Letterology]

Landscape alphabet, with intro page, British Museum


2 responses to “Landscape alphabet, L.E.M. Jones”

  1. These are very neat, and I completely agree with the N–I think it’s my favorite.

  2. Very cool! So subtle; “I see a letter in that drawing”! (instead of “face”)

    Thanks, Charley