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Gobelins students’ animations for Annecy 2014

Gobelins students’ animations for Annecy 2014
Each year, five teams of graduating students from Gobelins, l’école de l’image (Goeblins School of Communications) in Paris create short animations (under one minute) that are used to introduce each day’s events at the Annecy International Festival of Animation.

Unfortunately, while the school’s level of instruction undoubtedly remains high, the complexity and quality of the Gobelins’ website continues to devolve. It’s easier now to just find these on YouTube.

(Screen captures above, titles [see videos themselves for team credits]: String, Le coup du lapin, Hors champ, Massif, Coil)


3 responses to “Gobelins students’ animations for Annecy 2014”

  1. Thought you were expressing dislike towards modern generations of animators through attacking Gobelins and their website. . . but I got what you mean. . . it’s easier to just look it up from youtube.

    1. Thanks, Wesley.

      You’re correct that my criticism is of the poor organization of the website (my limited command of French notwithstanding), not the animators or the school itself (which must be quite remarkable). I’ve been writing about these animations every year since 2006 because they give me hope about the state of hand-drawn animation.

  2. Animation art is always beautiful and tells a great story, another reason why disney films do so well