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Eye Candy for Today: Durand’s Beeches

The Beeches, Asher Brown Durand

The Beeches, Asher Brown Durand

In the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Use the zoom or download links under the image on their page.

Durand is my favorite of the Hudson River painters, partly because of the influence of Constable, and partly because he was more likely than most of the others to paint intimate scenes as opposed to the vast mountain vistas that so impressed the art buying public at the time. Not that I don’t like the latter, I just connect much more strongly with an immediate landscape than a distant one.

Durand (and many of the other Hudson River School painters) would sometimes combine the two with a scene like this, in which the immediate grouping of trees and edge of the wood frame the distant mountain landscape, adding depth and presence to the composition as a whole.


One response to “Eye Candy for Today: Durand’s Beeches”

  1. Just lovely! A perfect painting to gaze upon after a hectic day!