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Victor Gilbert

Victor Gilbert
In the late 19th century, artists in Europe, emboldened by the advent of Realism and the freedom it granted from historical or romanticized themes, began to depict contemporary daily life. Some specialized in specific aspects of day to day life, particularly in Paris, center of the art world at the time.

Victor-Gabriel Gilbert was a French painter who became known for his depiction of markets, especially flower markets, along with corner flower stands, flower carts and other subjects involving flower sellers.

He often painted Las Halles, the largest market in Paris, and also depicted fish sellers and other aspects of the market. He returned often, however, to the subjects of flowers, sometimes in gardens or interiors, though rarely in the context of still life, at least not without incorporating figures or an interior scene.

Gilbert brought to his realist style the vibrant color and free brushwork of the new Impressionist Painters, though he kept the influence somewhat restrained and created a nice blend of those elements with his more traditional draftsmanship.


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  1. George S. Noyes Avatar
    George S. Noyes

    Thank you again for your wonderful web site. Each morning, I start the day with the diverse visual world the artists you have selected to stimulate us. On this last day of 2014 my anticipation for the next year of line and color makes my upcoming 71st year more uplifting despite much of the inhumanity around us. Your selections and astute comments on them have made me see so much more.

    1. George, Thank you for your nice comments. That’s exactly what I intend, and I’m always glad to hear I’m hitting the mark. May you have a wonderful art-filled year!