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Thomas Fearnley

Thomas Fearnley
Thomas Fearnley was a 19th century Norwegian painter who specialized in landscapes.

He painted many of his works in Italy, particularly along the beautiful Amalfi coast in places like Sorrento and Capri.

He was also an accomplished printmaker and produced very appealing lithographs and etchings of landscape scenes.

His subjects ranged from grand and dramatic to intimate and contemplative. I particularly enjoy his more subdued subjects.


4 responses to “Thomas Fearnley”

  1. This one really hits the mark for me, fantastic, you could almost walk into some of them.

    What was it about Scandinavia that bred such artists? Axel Haig is my favourite

    1. Yes, it’s pretty amazing. Several of my favorite artists are from Scandinavian countries, most notably Frits Thaulow, Peder Monsted and Anders Zorn.

      I haven’t gotten to Haig yet because I can’t find much in the way of extensive image repositories, Best I’ve found is the Philadelphia Print Shop.

  2. Charley, thank you.
    I also like many Scandinavian artist , Carl Larsson among others, who was influenced by Fanny Brate, a painter I would like to ‘meet in Lines andColors’.
    In The Gentleman’s Magazine, (or, Trader’s monthly intelligencer)
    an English paper I read Fearnley’s obituary on page 668 where he was quoted ‘one of the best painters of Norway’.
    BTW, his grand-father emigrated from Yorkshire (Heckmondwicke), England.

    1. Thanks, Ælle.

      Carl Larsson is on my list, but I haven’t gotten to him yet (it’s a long long list). I did mention Fanny Brate, but so far only as an Eye Candy post: