Hugo Mühlig

Hugo Muhlig, 19th century Impressionist influenced landscapes
Hugo Mühlig was a German painter active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Both his father and his uncle were landscape painters. After initial study with his father, Mühlig studied painting in the tradition of academic realism at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, but he eventually moved to a more impressionist influenced style well suited to his subjects of farms, fields, farm workers and domestic animals.

Many of his compositions are nicely atmospheric, evoking haze and atmospheric distance. His style is more open and painterly than would be evident from small images, but there are enough large ones available to get a feeling for his approach.

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    1. Thanks, Ælle. Although, I would think Mülig was working late enough in the 19th century that he would have had access to the much less expensive French (synthetic) Ultramarine.

  1. These are absolutely gorgeous – what attention to detail and a masterclass in atmospheric painting. I’ve admired this blog for some time – thank you so much for highlighting these amazing paintings!

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