Dimitri Danish (update)

Dimitri Danish
Dimitri Danish

Dimitri Danish is a Ukrainian artist I first wrote about in 2013.

His compositions often feature large areas of relatively low chroma and/or low value punctuated with areas of bright, intense color. Most of his subjects are cityscapes, in particular many views of Venice, in addition to locations in Ukraine and other European countries as well as scenes of Florida in the US.

He still does not have a dedicated web presence that I can find, but his work is represented on the websites of several galleries, as well as art image sites like Tutt’ Art.

For more, see my previous post on Dimitri Danish


4 Replies to “Dimitri Danish (update)”

  1. Bad artist. Virtue signalling never really works out well, but it sure makes you feel good all over, doesn’t it. Now get a warm washcloth and clean up.

  2. Love the atmospheric, and believeable lighting, and just the right amount of detail, or lack of it. Thanks for posting these. Usually like some but not all in a post . Like all of these.

  3. Jack — obviously, I don’t agree. I can see a hint of the formulaic in his work that might turn some away, but I enjoy his value transitions and use of soft edges. I don’t mind the overt use of complements as “eye candy”.

    It’s hardly “virtue signaling” to re-post about Ukrainian artists that I also featured years ago simply on their visual appeal. If you object to me showcasing Ukrainian artists recently to point out that it is also culture that is being destroyed in this senseless conflict, then perhaps it’s your soul that needs cleansing.

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