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Todd Lockwood
The pencil drawing shown here, depicting Cerberus, the three-headed dog that guarded the gate to Hades in Greek Myth, is one of the most striking images I’ve seen in the whole of science fiction and fantasy art. Take a look at the detail images.

Science fiction and fantasy artist Todd Lockwood works both traditionally in oils and digitally in Corel Painter. His fantastic, sometimes phantasmagoric, images have been appearing in magazines and on book covers for over 20 years. He has been a staff artist for TSR and a longtime creator of art for Dungeons and Dragons.

His site is an exception among artist’s online gallery sites: it’s well-organized and very easy to use. ( It was created by Lockwood and Mac Web Guru M. Douglas Wray.)

There is a promise of forthcoming tutorials, but they’re not up yet. However the FAQ page includes some detailed comments on his materials and methods for pencil drawing, oil painting and digital painting. There are prints available of many of the works.


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  1. Thanks Charley!!

    I’ve been pals with Todd for decades and it was a labor of love on both our parts. I wanted him to have a state-of-the-art site that ran fast and was easy to change (you know artists, they looooove to change things!) and I think we succeeded quite neatly. Of course, having absolutely top-notch artwork and a brilliant designer doing the visual layout helps a smidge… *really big grin*. Mostly we just did what we each do best and the results speak for themselves.

    It’s an honor to be singled out for praise, Thanks!!

    M. Douglas Wray
    (the geek behind the curtain)

  2. My thanks also, Charley!

    Pardon this mutual admiration-society back-slapping please, but Doug gets a great deal of credit for doing a terrific job with CSS. I recommend him to anyone who needs top-notch webwork done. contact onfo on my site; just look at “News”

    Also thanks to Charley for such a terrific blog! I had not seen it before. It’s going in my links section shortly…

  3. It’s my pleasure. In my years of checking out art on the web and particularly while I’ve been doing this blog, I’ve seen an amazing number of artist gallery sites with unbearably bad navigation. It’s a real pleasure to encounter one that is well thought-out and designed to make it easy for a visitor to tour the artwork. (What a concept!) I’ve edited the main post to add a link to Doug’s site.

    Also, you guys did a great job of making the site look good with Todd’s beautiful background images.

  4. A great site for a great artist.
    Well organized galleries.

    We’re expecting the tutorials and wallpaper size art!

  5. Enrico aka Xillion Avatar
    Enrico aka Xillion

    to Charley: nice site and review!!!
    to Todd: your work is really inspiring to me. I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your amazing art!

  6. That image is truly mind-blowing !

    And one great review and site as well.

  7. […] from: 整个 Yo2 上的相关文章:杂话 全球主要植物提取物生产企业简介. 终于挖到“天鹅绒金矿” Todd Duncan Broke Race Barriers with Music mia doi todd printYo2FavControl(“”,””,”Todd Lockwood”,” 这幅铅笔画描述的 Cerberus 希腊神话中看守地狱大门的三头狗,是我至今所看过的科幻小说和魔幻艺术里最深印象的图画之一。 魔幻艺术家 Todd Lockwood 20年以来为科幻类小说和图书绘制了相当数量的插画。 Link: from: 整个 Yo2 上的相关文章:杂话 全球主要植物提取物生产企业简介. 终于挖到“天鹅绒金矿””);最近阅读过此文章的网友: […]

  8. 也不知道版面主题是什么,不过看上去挺不错 NICE WORK

  9. Hey i’m a big fan of dragons and i was just wondering how you drew this picture and i was wondering if u take drawing lessons if u live in Indiana if u don’t thats ok but if u can give me some tips that would be great. Just e-mail me or

    your fan,
    Brendon Murphy