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Ian McQue
Ian McQue is a concept artist, illustrator and art director for the gaming industry. He is currently working for Rockstar North, and gaming aficionados will recognize the several Grand Theft Auto titles to his credit, along with an number of other games.

McQue works in both traditional and digital media, the latter including Photoshop, Illustrator and 3d Studio Max.

When not working, McQue likes to add to his flotilla of steampunk airships. Wonderfully realized, improbably heavy, they appear battered and patched, as though the aerial equivalent of the junks and salvaged ships one might find in an off the map Pacific port, trading in God-knows-what, plying the currents in the grey skies of another place or time.

You can find a nice big introductory batch of his flying ships on Concept Ships, where his work was chosen for the Monthly header this month.

You’ll find more of his on his blog, along with some of his nicely gestural sketches. There is also a gallery on CGHub.

[Via io9]


9 responses to “Ian McQue”

  1. These are really cool! Love em..

  2. I am with tom wheeler; wow!

    thanx for sharing, charley.

  3. Moving Castle-Airship Avatar
    Moving Castle-Airship

    Looks like something out of Miyazaki’s cartoon. A mixture of _Howl’s Moving Castle_ and the airship of _Kiki’s Delivery_.

    1. Yes, or Porco Rosso.

  4. Ian’s work is getting a good bit of play these past months and rightly so. His attention to detail and character impresses me as much as hint of the untold stories behind each scene.

  5. There is just something about this guy’s color palette that is soooo good! Great use of juxtaposed warm cool hues. Very enjoyable.

  6. I love these flying constructions, out of trash and yet gotjic…amazingly beautiful. It makes me think of “Munchausen Baron”

  7. Keith Whalen Avatar
    Keith Whalen

    Great work Ian, The detail in the images make us ask so many questions; who are these people, where are they going, is this even our world.

  8. I saw his design during few days. His performances on machine really perfect.