Thursday, July 26, 2012

3 thoughts on “Eye Candy for Today: Interior of the Oude Kerk, De Witte

  1. Lorette

    Additional figures and animals in paintings expose the situation of that religeous era. Dogs stand for loyalty, moral, etc. Beggars (the two characters in the front) stand for the dire economic situation. The burial is not a happy detail either.
    There is a sequel of the painting.

  2. Daniel van Benthuysen

    The contemplative calm of light and geometry in so many of De Witte’s paintings sits in stark contrast to the circumstances of his life. His wife and daughter were arrested for stealing. He had problems with gambling and what we would today call anger management. At his lowest point, destitute and mortgaged to the hilt, he hung himself from a bridge over a canal. The rope broke, he fell though the ice and drowned. But because of the ice that winter his body was not recovered for 11 weeks.

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