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Remi Maynegre
French illustrator and comics artist Rémi Maynégre traveled to Japan on his honeymoon, and documented the trip in a series of beautiful watercolor sketches. He has collected some of these into two books, with a third underway.

Both of the existing books have been given graphical reviews on Parka Blogs: Voyage au Japon, Tome 1: Tokyo, and Voyage au Japon, Tome 2: Koyasan.

You can see a number of the Japan watercolors on Maynégre’s website (note the links to “Page Suivante” at bottom right), which include images of the aftermath of the tsunami, along with some samples of his comics and Drawings of Yokai (mythical Japanese monsters). You will find additional images on Maynégre’s blog.


One response to “Rémi Maynégre”

  1. J.V.SWAILES Avatar

    Great to see some more watercolours. I particularly like the trees with steps….Also the trees – painted only in sepia I think.
    I wish there was such information to accompany the paintings, it would add to the interest.

    On the list watercolour is categorised alongside gouache…..The two may WORK in the same way but they are different mediums……Watercolour is translucent, Gouache is opaque making the outcome look totally different !