Eye Candy for Today: three Howard Pyle drawings

Howard Pyle, The Wonder Clock
Today marks the birthday of the great American painter, illustrator and master of pen and ink, Howard Pyle.

These three drawings, illustrations for one of Pyle’s own books, are in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which has high-resolution images of them. I’ve provided the titles and links to the images on the Met’s site below.

I’ve taken the liberty here of adjusting the images to compensate for the age darkened board, bringing the background up to white.

Dover Books has inexpensive reproductions of many of Pyle’s books, including The Wonder Clock, for which these illustrations were created. The reproduction is not the most sensitive to Pyle’s extremely fine lines, but they’re certainly good enough to enjoy.

For more, see my previous posts on Howard Pyle here on Lines and Colors.

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