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Antti Rautiola

Antti Rautiola
Antti Rautiola is a painter and art director living in Helinski, Finland.

On his website and his blog you will find examples of his work in plein air landscape and studio paintings, including paintings of his family.

On his blog, in particular, you will find larger versions of his paintings, showing his loose, confident brushwork. He also has a number of process sequences, and frequently posts images of his plein air work in progress on location, something I particularly appreciate as I enjoy seeing how plein air painters select and develop their composition for a landscape.

Rautiola has a wonderfully restrained use of color and value. Some of this may be in his response to the subtle light characteristic of the northern latitudes, but his interpretation of it gives much of his work a particularly strong feeling of color harmony.

You can see some similarity in the character of the light in the paintings of fellow Finnish painter Arto Isolatalo, who I profiled in 2012 here on Lines and Colors, and from whose website links I found Rautiola’s work.

Antti Rautiola currently has a solo window exhibition at Postikatu 1, Helsinki.