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Another wonderful Leyendecker Santa Claus

Leyendecker Santa Claus
I’ve suggested before that although others preceded him in developing the character of The Jolly One, I think the great American illustrator J.C. Leyendecker is most responsible for the contemporary version of Santa Claus we are familiar with today.

For more, see my previous Christmas Eve posts on Leyendecker’s Santas and Illustrators’ Visions of Santa Claus.

Image above from The J.C. Leyendecker Legacy.


2 responses to “Another wonderful Leyendecker Santa Claus”

  1. It’s a terrific illustration (as usual from Leyendecker!), and I’m especially impressed by the draftsmanship of Santa’s boot. I’m used to seeing the typical black boots with a buckle. Here it actually looks like merchandise 🙂

  2. Merry Christmas Charley! Leyendecker’s work never gets old. Beautiful design and incredible technique. I’ve always loved the way he stylized smoke and steam. (looking at the coffee cup on the link).

    And speaking of work that never gets old, your blog is still one of the best art sites on the internet. Thanks for putting out inspiring, interesting, and exciting work with intelligent commentary every day.

    I am looking forward to your New Years post.