Jakob Rebelka

Jakob Rebelka
Jakob Rebelka is a Polish comics artist, illustrator and concept artist for the gaming industry.

His interestingly different style combines areas of complex, intertwined forms with more open spaces and applications of texture. Often he will create the sensation of forms within forms by defining surface areas with lightly applied shadows and highlights, in a sort of bas-relief against the surrounding form.

His comics work includes the new graphic novel Le Cité Des Chiens (“City of Dogs”, link is to Amazon.fr) with writer Yohan Radomski.

In addition to his Tumblr blog, you can find his work on ArtStation. Many of Rebelka’s images are available as prints through inPrint and society6.

[Via Concept Art World]


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  1. These are really fantastic. Thanks for introducing them. I feel a lot of comic art I encounter these days seems to be focused on being cinematic, and moving towards the screen. Something about these seems much more rooted in the medium. I suppose I can imagine them being animated, but I love when the art feels like it belongs to comics or the printed page alone.

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