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William Stanley Haseltine
William Stanley Haseltine was a 19th century American painter who studied in the US and Europe.

Originally from Philadelphia, where he studied at the University of Pennsylvania and exhibited early in his career at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, he moved to New York, for a time working out of a building that also housed studios for Frederic Edwin Church and Albert Bierstadt.

Haseltine produced studio works from his sketches and watercolors painted on location in Europe, and eventually transitioned to American subjects, particularly of the New England coast.

After the death of his wife, he remarried and moved to Europe, where he would spend his later career based in Rome, but traveling extensively and painting a variety of European subjects.

I particularly like his watercolor and gouache studies — in their more finished form filled with light — and in their more abbreviated form taking on the charming quality of part drawing/part painting — often on toned paper.


3 responses to “William Stanley Haseltine”

  1. These are beautiful paintings. Thank you for the introduction to Haseltine.

  2. This is precisely why I enjoy Lines and Colors so much. You frequently introduce me to artists that feed my love of art and imagination. In the case of Haseltine, it’s actually a very welcome re-introduction. I had completely forgotten about this artist and how utterly amazing his paintings are.

    Thank you, Charley.

    1. Thanks, Jason. Always glad when I can to that!