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Hugh Bolton Jones

Hugh Bolton Jones landscape paintings
Hugh Bolton Jones lanscape paintings

Hugh Bolton Jones Was an American landscape painter active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, he began his art education at the Maryland Institute. He traveled and painted in Europe for four years, primarily in France, where he was introduced to the practice of plein air painting.

On his return, he shared a studio in New York with his brother, Francis Coates Jones, who was noted for his paintings of elegant figures in gardens and interiors.

Hugh Bolton Jones approached his early landscapes with a sharp, detailed realism that showed the influence of Frederic Edwin Church and the Hudson River School of American painting. In his middle and later work his style became more painterly and poetic, showing the European influence of the Barbizon painters and the French Impressionists.

He often painted with controlled value ranges, particularly in his paintings of early spring meadows, in which the tree foliage consists of delicate whisps against the sky.

In the latter part of his career, critics dismissed him as “predictable” for his continued devotion to the scenes he loved of streams, woods and fields in New Jersey and Massachussetts. Some of those “predictable” landscapes are among my personal favorites in American painting.


2 responses to “Hugh Bolton Jones”

  1. Awesome Paintings.

  2. How one of his paintings is described reminding me of my late brother, Norman, ‘ the solitary fisherman’.

    Capturing the land’s emotion along with accurate colors and structures of the existing flora, a lone figure is seen fishing in a stream of water as several sheep graze on his left. A clear almost translucent light fills the whole painting showing every leaf, rock and ripple in fine detail with a wonderful contrasting shadow on the left corner which emphasizes the ephemeral quality of sunlight and clouds. Beautiful brushstrokes capture the quality of the leaves on the tree lined banks and the river painted with staccato stokes of reflected white on blue fairly shimmers with light. Significantly, this landscape captures the spectacle of a poetically conceived setting largely hidden from human inhabitants. A private oasis of velvet green scenery and gentle vistas. An exquisite landscape.