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Bill Mather
Bill Mather does paintings and portraits of women in a variety of media. He also does landscapes in acrylic and oil. The site in includes a number of nice sketches, as well as pieces from figure drawing classes.

What I enjoy most, though, are his direct and lively portrait drawings.



4 responses to “Bill Mather”

  1. darrell Avatar

    Ilove it

  2. Bill: great work! I dig your style. I also bought your book about 6 months ago. I like your mixed media work a lot. Keep on creating and I’ve noticed you’ve added a lot of new images since the last time I took a look at your site. Great style.

  3. Tim,

    Comments left here, as much as they are appreciated, Probably won’t be seen by Bill. You can find his email address on his own site. He also has his own blog now and you can leave a comment there that he will see.

  4. blay noku Avatar
    blay noku

    just fantastic.In fact people are talented