A Painting a Day (Duane Keiser)

A Painging a Day
What a great idea this is and how I wish I had the time/discipline to emulate it! Duane Keiser is a Virginia artist. In addition to his regular work he has set himself the admirable goal of painting one small painting every day. Most of them are small oil sketches (he calls them “Postcard Paintings”). He posts the paintings on this blog and offers them for sale.

The paintings, almost by necessity, are direct and painterly. His subject is usually a single object – a strawberry, a chocolate, a small jar, a streak of sunlight on the wall. The choice of subjects is fascinating in itself. Occasionally he tackles a more complex subject or a larger canvas.

There are also a couple of short Quicktime movies that fast forward through the painting process (set to jazz).

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  1. Like Duane Keiser I have a daily blog of my art, which is photography. I was originally inspired by a National Geographic photographer who took a year off to stay home in his cabin and take only one photo a day. From those two diverse sources of inspiration I started “As I See It” at gsackett.blogspot.com.

    In one way it seems easier to take a photo than make a painting. On the other hand, I generally “go out” somewhere to find my subject, though sometimes I find something at home that captures my interest. You’ll find photos from 12 states and the District of Columbia so far in this year’s collection.

    I invite you to take a look and enjoy.


  2. I took a brief look through your blog and I’m impressed. Very nice work.

    I fall into the camp of those who feel that photographs can be art as readily as paintings or drawings, but I’ve resisted posting about photography here because I feel photography is much better represented on the web than other visual arts. I may change my mind, I don’t know yet…

    In the meanwhile, I’ll be stopping back to enjoy your photographs. Thanks.

  3. Duane is not the only adjunct faculty at a college doing daily paintings in addition to regular gallery pieces. I also have done over 100 daily paintings in addition to the 75 to 120 paintings for my collectors each year. It is a tremendous challenge, and yet extremely enjoyable. I paint in either oils or acrylics (both are set up and ready on my taboret), and post them to a blog ( http://elinpendleton.blogspot.com ) and to a large email list, and also to my dailypaintings.com web site.
    Please enjoy!

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  5. This painting is so realistic, I never know anyone who had painted a apple so real. I’m really impressed. Amazing!

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