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Donato Giancola
Donato Giancola is one of my favorite science fiction and fantasy artists. His respect for the old masters shows in his excellent draughtsmanship and superb command of painting technique. The site includes several galleries of illustration as well as life drawing, traditional portraiture and concept art. The illustrations are sometimes accompanied by preliminary sketches and the site includes an illustrated section on technique.

His work is imaginative, colorful, subtle and always beautifully executed. If you like science fiction and fantasy illustration, Giancola is not to be missed.


One response to “Donato Giancola”

  1. I’ve seen many artistic representations of Isaac Asimov’s robot character: R. Giskard Reventlov, but I think this particular picture is R. Giskard to a tee, whether intended or not.

    Great Picture, and thanks to Donato Giancola.