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Frank Cho (Liberty Meadows)

Frank ChoFrank Cho is a comics artist and illustrator best known as the creator of the Liberty Meadows newspaper comic strip, one of the best drawn syndicated strips in recent years. Cho’s wonderfully precise pen and ink work shows the influence of great pen and ink illustrators like Gibson, Cole and Booth and comics artists like Williamson, Wood and Frazetta.

The strip archive is on the Creators Syndicate site. The Liberty Meadows site is devoted more to Cho himself and his various projects. The home page functions as a news page and is linked to a news archive, both chock full of illustrations in pencil, ink and color. The site includes a gallery of uncensored versions of strips the newspapers wouldn’t run (Frank likes to joke about, well…, um… sex.)

In addition to galleries of strips, sketches and covers, the site features a checklist of Cho’s published work, an illustrated FAQ, fan art and links to a Frank Cho discussion board (on the World Famous Comics Community discussion board site).

The Frank Cho Sketchbook features both sketches and finished ink drawings, often showing the progression of a drawing from initial sketch to refined pencil drawing to finished ink rendering, which I really enjoy.

The FAQ includes some information on his tools, including his choice of pencils, pens (Pigma Micon felt tips!) and board, as well as the dimensions of his daily and Sunday strips.

There are several volumes available of Liberty Meadows collections, as well as a trade paperback of the Shanna, The She-Devil series he recently did for Marvel Comics.

There is also a Frank Cho Gallery on Budd Root’s Basement Comics featuring Cavewoman and dinosaurs (gotta love it).

Note: Both sites contain some mildly suggestive nudity. Avoid them if you’re likely to be offended.



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