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Jon Foster
Jon Foster’s newly updated site is still a little skimpy on background, and I don’t know a whole lot about him, except that I’ve admired his paintings in the Spectrum collections, seen some of his comic covers for DC and Dark Horse, and I like his work.

He sometimes works almost (but not quite) monochromatically, sometimes in a painterly approximation of duotone, and sometimes with a rich palette. His style can be brusque or refined, ephemeral or textured with the grit of reality, but is always visually captivating.

His site includes a nice selection of his illustrations, some sketches and even examples of sculpture.

There was a book of his work called Progressions; The Art of Jon Foster, but it’s unfortunately out of print. A new book, as yet untitled, is due in the coming year.


4 responses to “Jon Foster”

  1. Jon happens to be one of the easiest artists to approach, genuine and friendly to everyone. however it doesnt surprise me he doesnt put info about himself on his site, he doesnt strike me as the kind of person thats vain.

    I got to know him a bit through a forum that we were early members of,where he always stuck up and fought for the little guy…the aspiring artists.

  2. Nice to know. I was also impressed by his modesty when I contacted him about my use of his image for the post.

  3. BTW, Chad, I really like your work. Nice to see a new Duk And Run strip.

  4. Check this out this copy of Jon’s painting.