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Creative Latitude: Cat’s fancy

Crative Latitide: Cat's fancyDesigners who blog is a terrific blog that I wrote about back in December. It features blogs by designers, illustrators and others in related disciplines.

Each month DWB author Catherine (cat) Morley picks a number of the blogs that have a common topic and interviews the blog creators.

She then posts the interviews, along with a screenshot from the blogs and sometimes a DWB header with a photo of the blog creator, on her Cat’s fancy column on Creative Latitude, a cooperative site for graphic designers.

This month (February) she is featuring blogs by illustrators. There are several blogs and their creators showcased, including lines and colors and yours truly.

There is also a feature on the popular illustration blog Drawn!, and its primary creator John Martz, which should be of interest to most readers of lines and colors.