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Alex Jaeger
Alex Jaeger is a senior visual effects art director and concept designer for Industrial Light and Magic. He could easily have been a top automotive designer as well, judging by his sleekly rendered concept vehicle designs. As it is, he also gets to design spaceships, costumes, environments and all of the other cool stuff that goes with science fiction movie design.

He has worked on films like Star Wars II & III, The Perfect Storm, Galaxy Quest, Terminator 3, Pearl Harbor and Star Trek: First Contact.

Jaeger also could have been a terrific comics artist, judging by his small amount of comics work. He was the writer/artist for the beautifully drawn comics stories Star Wars: Visionaries “Entrenched”, and Virtual Encounter.

If that isn’t enough versatility, Jaeger also does conceptual architectural design for theme parks.

He often seems to make his sketches with ball point pen, filling in colors with markers or digital paint, which may be why his style translates so well into comics. He takes particular delight in vehicle designs and has a loose but sophisticated rendering style for his vehicle drawings.


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  1. wow… very techno… i likes it color.. i like to learn to paint like this

  2. Triona Rogers Avatar
    Triona Rogers

    Im in a bit of a pickel and am asking for some advice. I am very much interested in conceptual design for both film and media, I have jsut finished my A levels and am now taking a foundation degree in art and design. I was wondering what course did you take at University?