Ree (Cherie) Treweek

Ree (Cherie) TreweekRee (pen name for Cherie) Treweek is a South African artist and illustrator. Her fascinatingly detailed illustrations and drawings usually start as an ink drawing that she brings into Photoshop to be fully developed, occasionally in collaboration with Jannes Hendrikz.

The images look anything but digital and modern, however. They seem to be from another era; or even from another, perhaps mythical, culture.

Treweek’s images often use large areas of intricate patterns and decorative linework, to my eye showing influences of Indian and Chinese art as well as Art Nouveau and illustrators like Arthur Rackham, Kay Neilsen and perhaps Aubrey Beardsly.

Treweek and Hendrikz are part of “The Blackheart Gang”, who created an animated music video for Marcus Wormstorm. (I haven’t been able to find a post of the video.)

The image shown here is from a story called The Tale of How that is part of a larger work called The Household. The group is apparently working on an animation based on the thirteen prints in this series with animator Brian Goodwin. There is a tantalizing bit of teaser animation on Goodwin’s site.

I’ve found one book available illustrated under the name Cherie Treweek: Tales Of The Tokoloshe, a book of fantasy stories based on South African folktales, by Pieter Scholtz.

Treweek’s work is also included in the Expose 3 digital art collection, in which she is an award winner for the “Abstract & Design 2D” category.

The link below is to her section and gallery on the South African Cartoonists & Illustrators site. Here are a couple of additional links to posts on the CGSociety: Otto The Monster, Terrors and Typhoons
and Thief in the Night.


13 Replies to “Ree (Cherie) Treweek”

  1. this stuff is inspiring (i gasp, ooh, and awww at the detail.) what i love most is that she brings pen and ink drawrings into photoshop, and it is there that they come to life.

  2. Ooh, nice work, got admit that the detail-level is sweet and the alternative lifeforce in there is interesting too.

    My uneducated guess is that the colouring is what is added in photoshop. (Some of the colouring is visibly digital, so …)

    Nice stuff though! :)

  3. I see more like indian patterns, very asian look and feel overall, with a british twist (see the original illustrations for Alice in Wonderland… that kind of style). might actually be a british root with added asian patterns in the detail…

  4. I agree about the Asian/Indian influence. By original Alice illustrations, I assume you mean Tenneil. At any rate, I think everyone’s in agreement that it is a fascinating and effective blend of influences that creates a pretty unique whole. I’m looking forward to seeing more of her work.

  5. As a fellow cartoonist/illustrator and webmaster of where Ree features a lot of her work, I am overawed by Ree’s stunning talent – without question she must be the newest star on the illustrators’ horizon and has an incredible future ahead of her. Does she ever get the chance to sleep?

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