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Dust Art

Scott Wade
Just for a little amusement on a Friday morning, and to point out that anything that allows you to make a mark can be a medium for visual expression, here’s an article from the Austin American-Statesman about Scott Wade, who draws reasonably complex images in the road dust that accumulates on the back of his Mini Cooper.

Wade uses his fingers, as you might expect, but also paintbrushes, to lightly smear or lift off the dust, and popsicle sticks, I assume for a “palette knife” effect.

Talk about temporary art.


6 responses to “Dust Art”

  1. this is amazing! i just happend to stumble upon your site (which i just started checking out…) i am just in complete amazement – this is beautiful – i love it – thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Thanks, Samantha. Good luck with your new blog and painting-a-day project!

  3. I, too, recently read this article in Austin American-Statesman. I thought it was extremely fascinating because I have often felt that I would paint on rocks with mud if it were the only materials available to me. You can’t take the “art” out of “artist”.

  4. Humans just need to create! And there’s something very “in the moment” even Zen-like about creating something fleeting like this….like sandcastles when we were kids, the joy is in the doing and making.

    Jan Blencowe

  5. ‘Momentary cool’ like sidewalk chalk artists or sandcastles, as Jan mentions. I’m also reminded of a video I saw online a while back with sand art – a sort of shadow thing on an overhead projector. Great stuff all.

  6. Amity S. Avatar
    Amity S.

    I really love your art! I’m one of the kids that showed your art to Mrs. Seidel’s class in New Braunfels. Mrs. McDavitt is my art teacher. You are very lucky you have a GREAT friend like her! She’s the BEST!
    I’m going to be an artist when I grow up.:)

    From a Memorial Intermediate student

    Have fun doing your art! Once again I really enjoy it.