Tristan Schane

Tristan Schane
Tristan Schane began his art career doing comic book illustration for companies like Marvel, DC, First Comics and Continuity Comics. He began to do more painted covers and moved into more general illustration, producing work in watercolor, gouache, acrylic and oil for covers, posters, promotional art and merchandise.

He eventually moved into doing paintings specifically for gallery display and now concentrates on his gallery paintings and has also been working in life-size sculpture, working in oil clay and casting from rubber molds in materials like gypsum cement and plastic resins.

Schane has a penchant for portraying the grotesque and bizarre in his sculpture, and in his painting works with subjects that have a connection to his work as an illustrator and concept artist, but carry them forward with an eye to classical painting tradition.

You can see influences of Dali, as well as science fiction and fantasy illustration and movie concept art stirred together into a rich stew of phantasmagoric imagery, painted in oil in compositions that are often, interestingly, in a square format. Square compositions are difficult to handle and are often the result of the demands of particular illustration tasks, but Schane takes them on in his gallery art and seems to revel in the challenge.

His online galleries include painting, drawings, sculpture, concept art and illustrations.