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José "Emroca" Flores

Jose Emroca Flores
José Flores, who goes by the name “Emroca”, is Senior Concept Designer at Highmoon Studios, a gaming company in California.

As often seems to be the case with concept artists, his current projects are under a shroud of competitive secrecy, but you can see nice range of his personal and professional work on his web site. As is also often the case, some of the work I find most interesting is in the Personal section, like the image above.

His work has been featured in publications like Spectrum, Nintendo Power, Game Informer and Iam8bit, among others.

Emroca employs digital media for most of his professional work and some of his personal pieces, but also works in traditional media for pieces like this. His paintings are fanciful, nicely stylized and playfully imaginative. He often utilizes a muted palette punctuated with small areas of accent colors.


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  1. I like the elephant 🙂 But the pictures of the gallery are so small…