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Draw yourself as a teen

Draw yourself as a teenHere’s a great idea, started as a simple notion by webcomics artist and blogger Dave Valeza, and now snowballed into something of an internet meme.

The suggestion was simple: “challenge: draw yourself as a teen“, supplemented with “if you are still a teen, draw your future post-teen self”.

Word has gotten around, as people have participated and posted the results on their own sites and blogs, and the list on Valeza’s blog is now of over 400 links and growing.

Some of the participants have done “then and now” versions, in which their teenage self is contrasted with their current identity, complete with notations on hairstyle, clothing choice and attendant paraphernalia like sketchbooks, music players and reading matter.

Some of the drawings are more accomplished than others, of course, but many are quite well done; and even the less sophisticated drawings are often enlivened with wry observations and remarkably self-confessional critiques of former (and present) selves.

The list is too long to explore all at once, but it makes a nice diversion to bookmark and revisit occasionally. It would be nice if there were a more formal arrangement with thumbnails and such, but that’s a lot to ask. Valeza has marked off the list at increments of 50, which can help you keep track.

On many of the images, you have to click through several links, and various interfaces (LiveJournal, Flickr, deviantARt, etc.), to get to the full size images.

Some of the drawings are essentially condensed tales of growth, angst and self-awareness, worthy of more filled out short stories. Others are simple drawings of a past self-image, but there is much food for thought here, both in terms of stories and artistically.

(Image at left, left to right, top to bottom: Kennon James, Jacob “Gil” Paul, “buttface makani”, Steve Wolfhard, “lokabrenna” ,Viki Nerino)

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4 responses to “Draw yourself as a teen

  1. Since you have the names of the artists to the other pictures, you might like to know that real name of “buttface makani” is actually Heather Campbell. She’s a pretty well known up and coming artist, who we got to do an interview with. Which you can find at here:

  2. I really like this idea. Giving life back into the “lost years” 🙂 Thanks Charley.

  3. omg! i am dying to try this!

  4. i love this website