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More Photoshop Tutorials, lighting effects, digital painting, Worth 1000 and Iran missile fakesI wrote back in February about a listing of 100 Photoshop Tutorials, many of which applied to digital painting.

Here are some more Photoshop tutorial resources I’ve come across. Though fewer of them are directly related to digital painting, they may be of interest to digital artists as well as those involved in design and photo manipulation.

The first is a listing of 50 Lighting Effects Photoshop Tutorials on The Photoshop Roadmap, in which various techniques and effects using blending modes, masking, compositing and filters are are outlined for lighting enhancement and special effects (first two images at left).

The next is Top 10 Photoshop Tutorial Websites, on Outlaw Design Blog, which is a list of lists; or more accurately a list of sites on which you will find extensive resources for Photoshop tutorials in many aspects of digital image creation and modification.

Another individual link is specific to digital painting. Though it is titled Learn How to Paint Digitally Albert Einstein, it isn’t actually a tutorial (it goes by too fast for that), but a potentially instructive time-lapse video of the progress of a digital painting of the famous theoretical physicist (left, bottom two images). Starting cleverly with cartoon-like sketch based on his famous formula for the relation of mass to energy, it progresses through various stages to a finished likeness. The little flashes are control panels being brought up and used, most likely to change blending modes on a layer. Unfortunately, they go by too quickly to be instructive, so you may have to fill in the blanks yourself (or see if you can stop the video on those frames). The video is posted on the 5min Life Videopedia.

Just for fun, throw in Worth 1000, which I wrote about in 2006, in which the venerable image editor is put to good use in the service of abject silliness. Though not tutorials, the image manipulation “Challenges” are a humorous tour through some of the compositing and touch up techniques possible in Photoshop. In my post at the time I complained about their terrible interface. They have since cleaned up their act with a new, much clearer and easy to navigate site design. Go to “Ended Advanced Photoshop Contests”.

Even the propaganda department of the only remaining member of the “Axis of Evil” (who thinks up these things?) is trying to close the “Photoshop Gap” these days. Iran is apparently in possession of Photoshop (a weapon of mass distortion?) and not afraid to use it; as evidenced by their enhancement of a photo they released, proclaiming the apparent success of a chest-thumping missile launch, with a cloned-in extra missile.

I just love this stuff!

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5 responses to “More Photoshop Tutorials”

  1. As someone just venturing into digital from traditional oil, this is great! Thanks Professor Parker!

  2. I’m still amazed by the number of people who believe that pictures with the “Worth1000” watermark are real. “How did they get the squirrel to wear those combat boots?” I guess it’s a testament to how good they are.

  3. melisa Avatar

    Thanks for this post! I am a newbie in digital art world and your list totally helps! One day I will make this sort of tutorial too.

  4. it’s very nice.

    I think I could try to learn some drawing using our airbrush kit also.