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Chris Appelhans (update)

Chris Appelhans
Chris Appelhans, who I profiled back in 2006, has added some new images to his site, Froghat Studios, along with a fun short Superman animation.

The latter is more of a slide show than an actual animation, but it works quite well, timed to music and with nice touches (I love the scene of Superman doing the Boy Scout thing for an old lady toward the end — image above, top right).

There are additional updates to the site including additional concept art for Monster House, the enigmatic and fascinating “Alice in Underworld’ project (image above, bottom) and concept art for what is apparently a movie with a title, or working title, of Highmoon (top left).

Appelhans’ site is essentially just a list of links to images. Unfortunately there is still little or no information about the projects or Appelhans himself.

I found out about the Superman animation when Joe Gordon, writer for the Forbidden Planet International Blog Log in the UK, wrote to say he had found my previous post about Appelhans in his own search for information about him.

You will find an additional, and quite nice, selection of Appelhans’ work, both originals and prints for sale, at Gallery Nucleus.


2 responses to “Chris Appelhans (update)”

  1. Not sure if theres a link from his website and you haven’t included it in your links but heres his occasionally updated blog. Enjoy

  2. Thanks, nick! I’ve added it to the links.