Early Star Wars Storyboards

Early Star Wars Storyboards
Nearly all movies these days, an certainly all movies that involve animation or special effects, are plotted out visually beforehand using storyboards; a comic strip like series of drawings, often done simply in markers, showing the basic on screen composition and sequences of action.

There is a nice Flickr set of early storyboards from the original Star Wars movie, early enough that the design of the “pirate ship” in some sequences is very different from the eventual design of the Millenium Falcon.

The art credit for most of these is apparently Joe Johnston.

[Via Kottke]

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  1. I love drawing of star wars I too been dawing star wars and still have toys fly ship modles and r2 and 3po robot bank all so. if any one ones of my hobby drawing I be happy mail one. but plase hang it in fram ok. from Allen Hamm may froces be with us. and be the starwar drawing be in you all ways

  2. I’d love to see more of these drawings, but can’t access the flickr page. Are they in a book or on another website? Thank you.

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