Dan Dos Santos’ “Top 10 SF/F Art Websites of 2008”

Dan Dos Santos
As part of the SF Signal year end round up of The Best Genre-Related Books/Films/Shows Consumed in 2008, illustrator Dan Dos Santos has posted his Top 10 SF/F Art Websites of 2008, in which he was kind enough to list Lines and Colors (thanks, Dan).

The list includes some sites I’ve specifically written posts about, including Gorilla Artfare and the amazing Tor.com site (with its SF/F art gallery); as well as many that I’ve linked to in the course of posts about various artists.

It prominently mentions the always fascinating Gurney Journey, which is where I found out about the list. (Gurney’s blog had gone way beyond its original premise and has become a combination of art travelogue, insightful looks at art history and one of the best art instructional sites on the web.)

Of course, Dos Santos’ list also gives me a great excuse to post more of his own terrific artwork (above). When visiting his site, don’t miss the Wallpapers section of his gallery, where you can see a few detail crops from his images in high enough resolution to see his brushwork (image above, bottom).


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  1. God, I love that painting so much every time I see it… it was even my desktop background for a few months. I love Dan Dos Santos to begin with, but that particular image always blows me out of the water every time I see it. =)

  2. Hey Charley,

    Thanks for this post, I love Dan’s work. Im also a daily reader of Gurney Journey. James definitely gets my vote as the best and most educational art blog on the net. I would also vote for your blog as one of the best art blogs around. Ive been reading lines and colors longer than I can recall. Keep up the great work.

    Best, Jason

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