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American Presidents (Patrick Moberg)

November 4, 2008, U.S. presidents by Patrick Moberg
In a somewhat different take on a series of portraits of the former and present presidents of the U.S than my previous post on Presidential Portraits, illustrator Patrick Moberg has a piece that I believe is titled November 4, 2008.

It gives a nicely striking comparison of certain physical characteristics of the American presidents to date.

On Moberg’s site you can purchase signed prints of the image. You can also see Moberg’s portfolio of whimsical, cartoon style illustration.

[Via Coudal Partners]


6 responses to “American Presidents (Patrick Moberg)”

  1. Very funny, very symbolic…:)

  2. In a similar vein see Friedman’s New Yorker cover for this week:

  3. It’s so beautiful. Should get a print.

  4. Whether you like the politics of Obama or not, there is no denying the importance of his achievement. This piece beautifully illustrates just how amazing this election was. Words just don’t convey the how groundbreaking this is. Fantastic piece of art!

  5. With a simple glance you can totally see the contrast.

    Previous presidents – older white males
    Current President – middle-aged black male

    Its proof that the times are changing, and people are starting to realize they are ready for it.

    Its a great way to convey that – with a few lines and splashes of colour.

  6. William J Lexie Avatar
    William J Lexie

    There is more to the picture than meets the eye , Drezz. The irony . elitist leaders it has always been , but once the ‘ common folk ‘ were simple , illiterate people, women followed their men , men who didn’t take ‘crap’,and everyone [ citizens] worked for a living. Soon TAXES gave *free* education , industry moved in , ‘ industrialized the commoners into literate’ consumers ‘men follow women , men HAVE to take ‘pol. cor. ‘ crap and everyone works for a pay check. And today there is a ‘ slave labor’ class .