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Maxfield Parrish (update)

Maxfield Parrish
Today is the birthday of Maxfield Parrish, one of the great illustrators form the “Golden Age” of American illustratraton.

For more, see my previous post on Maxfield Parrish, which includes a list of links to galleries of his work and other resources.

I’ve included a few additional resources below that I’ve come across since then, in particular the large reproductions from The Arabian Nights on ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive.

The list on my previous post is the primary one, however, with the most resources and images.


4 responses to “Maxfield Parrish (update)”

  1. He’s always been one of my favorites, and still is. I named my first dog Maxfield after him. I was a painting major in college; for a while I even attempted painting with numerous glazes like he did. I was not as successful as he was. The only painting of his I have ever seen in person I hunted down at a bar in San Francisco while on vacation once, it was ‘The Pied Piper.’ It was luminous. Happy Birthday, Maxfield!

  2. One of the very best. I love that Dragon.

  3. Thanks for the post on Parrish. If you’re ever in Santa Cruz, treat yourself to breakfast at The Beach Street Cafe (where I worked when I went to college), they have a mean eggs benedict and quite an impressive Maxfield Parrish collection:

  4. …Happy Birthday. He will forever inspire.