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Terrible Yellow Eyes

Terrible Yellow Eyes, Jason Caffoe, C.G. Young, Joel Furtado, David Miles, Mike Daley, Mike Lee, Shaun Pendergast, Saud Boksmati
Terrible Yellow Eyes is a blog established by illustrator Cory Godbey to express his fascination and admiration for the work of Maurice Sendak, and in particular, his classic Where the Wild Things Are.

The blog is a growing collection of artwork from a variety of artists, each expressing their own admiration for Sendak’s work with homages to the book and its characters.

The list of contributing artists includes some wonderful talents and Godby has curated an exhibition at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, CA, also titled Terrible Yellow Eyes, that puts many of these works together in a gallery setting.

The Gallery Nucleus exhibition runs to October 6, 2009. Godby’s blog has some photos from the opening.

Here is the initial post in which Godby explains his inspiration for Terrible Yellow Eyes.

Both Godby’s blog and the Gallery Nucleus page about the exhibition have links to the artist’s sites and blogs, a list that can keep Lines and Colors readers happily clicking deeper for may hours (timesink warning).

Images above:
Jason Caffoe
C.G. Young
Joel Furtado
David Miles
Mike Daley
Mike Lee
Shaun Pendergast
Saud Boksmati

[Thanks to Masha Dutoit for the suggestion]


5 responses to “Terrible Yellow Eyes”

  1. You picked such nice examples!
    Such a cool project.

    1. Thanks, Masha. I try.
      It’s a very cool project.

  2. The illustrations on terrible yellow eyes, are brilliant, the whole website is expressive and very creative, the characters are great too.

  3. Bennett Avatar

    Terrible Yellow Eyes has got the loveliest collection of artwork. Had a blast browsing the site. iUniverse

    1. Bennett, You’re welcome to include links to your site in your byline, or even in comments, but before you go to much trouble I should point out that links in comments in WordPress blogs like this one are completely ignored by Google in their page rank algorithm.