M. Shawn Cornell

M. Shawn Cornell
M. Shawn Cornell’s web site opens with the statement "If you see snow in the painting, it means that the artist was standing in snow. If you see rain in the painting, it means that the artist was getting very wet."

Inexplicably, it requires that you drill down into Paintings, and then choose a sub-section (summer, spring, etc.) before seeing a color image.

Cornell’s paintings, when you do get to them, are rewardingly fresh and lively, with accomplished but abbreviated notation of the subjects, nicely embodying the strengths of the plein air approach.

Subjects include rocky bluffs, wooded hillsides, muddy fields, formal gardens and placid streams, mostly of places in Wisconsin, Colorado and Missouri, arranged on the site by season.

Cornell’s palette is controlled and understated, to the extent that the bright colors of autumn can be represented in muted tones, lending the images a feeling of quiet refinement. Most are fairly large by contemporary plein air standards, and it’s a little disappointing that there are no larger or detail images provided on the site.

Cornell is also a potter, and apparently represents himself and sells his work through art events rather than gallery representation. He also conducts workshops, sometimes in the company of his father, David M.Cornell, who is also a plein air painter.


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  1. Shawn’s mastery of painting and his commitment to the plein air method is inspiring. His recent “January” exhibition was striking not only for the 31 beautiful paintings but for their presentation that included excellent framing and supporting graphics and text. He also displayed miscellaneous objects such as his gloves, hand warmers and empty paint tubes. A complete catalog is available through Blurb.

  2. Shawn is a thoughtful and dedicated artist and teacher and he truly loves the creation process. He has shared his hard-won knowledge with many aspiring painters. His work reflects his love of the world around him and restores my faith in the pursuit of beauty for its ability to inspire and to promote well-being. He’s a rare artist.

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