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The Zoomquilt II

The Zoomquilt II
Like its predecessor, The Zoomquilt I, which I wrote about in 2006, The Zoomquilt II is a collaborative art project by 34 different artists.

Basically an amusement, this is an animated sequence of scenes, each one of which is related to the others by a transitional area within the image that allows for a continuous zoom, one scene leading into the next, leading into the next and so on.

The effect is nicely hypnotic, and the images are fun pseudo-Surrealism, full of monsters and trippy landscapes. You can control the speed and direction of the zoom with a slider on a pop-out panel at the left, that also contains the credits.

The Flash based animation is set to render to the size of the browser window, so maximize your browser for best effect.

In what may turn out to be an unfortunate choice, one of the participants used Disney characters in one of the scenes, so if the web site is hosted anywhere that has a copyright treaty with the U.S. this version may not be available for long. Enjoy it while you can.

[Via BoingBoing]


5 responses to “The Zoomquilt II”

  1. Wow, that was interesting. Had to see it before it left. Thanks for finding it.

  2. What fun! Iy could be a variation of a Surrealist Game.

  3. It strangely reminds me of a game called “the Manhole” from the first computer that my dad bought back in the early 90’s. Slightly better graphics though…

  4. The second one makes my head explode…in a good way.

  5. I liked the first one and the second is not so good but pretty hypnotic.