Milton Glaser Draws and Lectures

Milton Glaser Draws and Lectures
Milton Glaser is one of the most influential graphic designers of the last 50 years. Even if you haven’t heard his name, you’ve probably seen his work, from his iconic Dylan poster to his “I (heart) NY” design (yes, that one). Glaser has had a significant impact on design and illustration.

He has new book called Drawing is Thinking.

Shortly prior to the book’s release he was captured in this short (5 minute) video, Milton Glaser Draws & Lectures by C. Coy, in which he talks about drawing as he draws a picture of Shakespeare. (For some additional interest, here are some of Glaser’s cover illustrations for the Signet Classic Shakespeare series (part of a multi-page Flickr pool of Glaser designs and illustrations), and here is my post about portraits of Shakespeare.

Curiously, Glaser appears to be drawing with some kind of multi colored pencil that changes color in the process of the drawing.

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