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Travisty’s Beard

Travisty's Beard: Goro Fujita, Lindsay Olivares, Shannon Jeffries
Goro Fujita, who I wrote about in 2008, was kind enough to write and let me know about a new blog called Travisty’s Beard.

This is a collaborative art blog whose members are concept, production, character, and design artists from the art department of PDI/DreamWorks. The blog has no official relation to PDI/DreamWorks, it’s just the group of artists getting together to have fun.

The intention is to give themselves a challenge topic each month, and have the individual members respond by posting their interpretation of the topic. The blog takes its name from the initial topic, “What’s in Travesty’s Beard?”. The new topic for December is “New Year’s Resolution”.

This is a closed group, and the challenge is only among the members, but it should be fun to watch.

Though there isn’t a great deal of work posted yet, one of the most interesting parts of the blog at this point is the list of links in the right sidebar to the blogs and web sites of the participating artists, lots of work to see there.

(Images above: Goro Fujita, Lindsay Olivares, Shannon Jeffries)


2 responses to “Travisty’s Beard”

  1. Thank you for the link..This is such a great idea!

  2. GREAT post, Charley! All of my art is hand drawn from beginning to end, but I thoroughly enjoy your posts for this very reason.