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70 Million: art history themed music video by Hold Your Horses

70 Million by Hold Your Horses
70 Million is a song by Hold Your Horses, a French-American band, that has been made into a video by L’Ogre Productions in which members of the band (and presumably a few friends) pose in hilarious mock-ups of 25 or 30 famous paintings from the history of Western Art.

If you get tired of guessing, you can try similarity based image search, or you can just cop out and visit Flavorwire, where Kelsey Keith has put together screen captures from the video with most (but not all) of the referenced paintings.

Somebody (the video director?) has a sense of humor — and a pretty good grasp of art history.

[Might be considered mildly NSFW]

[Via MetaFilter]


8 responses to “70 Million: art history themed music video by Hold Your Horses”

  1. I love this! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing! This is marvelous. 🙂

  3. Brilliant video! I recognised most of the paintings and artists, but there were one or two that I didn’t recognise at all.

  4. The late Thomas Hoving wrote a book called, “Making the Mummies Dance.” These folks have made the paintings sing. Made my day! (It helps that their music is pretty appealing as well.)

  5. Brilliant! I came onto your site to find art inspiration only to find this video starring two old LSE classmates, Charles and Flo! It’s a tiny cyberworld indeed! I’ve sent them the link as I’m sure they’ll be thankful for the review, it’s an inspired video and a great track. Thanks for sharing it and the relevant links…I’ll be dashing to Flavorwire right away!

  6. I noticed this on dailymotion just a few days ago as well. Its delightful to go through those moments of simultaneous recognition and amazement. And then there’s the giggle that follows. As always, you are wading in a stream of all the good stuff, Mr. Parker!